Last week has been a terrible nightmare for many people around the planet, human loss and chaos due to natural calamities were on the main agenda.

Amongst those, on the 8th of September 2017 Mexico was struck by an 8.2 grade earthquake in the Richter scale . The strongest earthquake in the last 100 years in its history, having the epicentre in Chiapas and Oaxaca, the southern side of Mexico. Both states present most of the damages and human loss and some sections have reported to have been ignored by the Government and Organizations in charge of the distribution of humanitarian aid. Both states are well known for the independency of their indigenous communities and their high political activism, such situation can be isolating at times.

Nevertheless the political dissonance, confronting the powers of nature make us all equal and we believe that is important to provide humanitarian aid in a coordinated and equally distributed manner, in order to reach the people really in need.
In the context of catastrophe and the need for aid, it is also important to speak out about the role of documenting the help efforts and make sure that Aid is actually getting to the people it was supposed to; when civil society is mobilized in the face of the magnitude of such natural disasters, it responds quickly to the often inadequate amount of available resources. But how can we be sure that aid will actually arrive and will be distributed equally, even in the most remote affected areas?

Documentation is important to create the awareness and need of help in a coordinated action. Especially in an era in which more images are generated per minute than those generated in the last century entirely.

Alejandra Arenas a Member of our Alliance living in Juchitán, Oaxaca, got in touch with our team through social media looking for supporters in the aim of the coordination of the arrival of help in communities as Juchitán in its 5th, 6th, 7th & 8th sections, Colonia Santiago, Colonia Campesina and the Center of the city.

We want to tell to this communities, you are not alone and we will give a voice for the cause and follow up the case in our possibilities giving visibility through our channels.

If you are in Mexico City and want to join Alejandra in the mission of making those goods arrive in those communities, get in touch with her here:
Contacto en Juchitán:Alejandra Arenas /
Contacto en la Ciudad de México:Miguel Quiñones Olivera /