ASIA · kicking off in september, the 4th DMY Asia Exhibition tour will present innovative design objects and products at six different fairs and festivals in Asia. The focus is on light, mobile and adaptable designs which are not available on the Asian market yet. for the first time, we will showcase in Hong Kong this year as well as celebrate the premiere of our exhibition in Beijing. We are especially looking forward to showcase at the Design tide Tokyo this year, to support our longterm partners and celebrate the anniversary year marking 150 years of friendship between Japan and Germany.

The stations of the tour include:

Taiwan Designers’ Week (Taipei/Taiwan)


Beijing Design Week (Beijing/China)


Taipei World Design Expo, Taiwan


Designtide Tokyo (Tokyo/Japan)


UNESCO Creative Cities (Seoul/Korea)


Detour 2011 (Hong Kong/China)

25.11.- 11.12.2011

Seoul Design Festival (Seoul/Korea)


the exhibition will be complemented by the product catalogue »Berlin Products« featuring a more compehensive selection of contemporary design products from Berlin.