BERLIN · 48hour-long non stop performance art extravaganza as a part of Month of Performance Art kicks off on friday at 18:00 and finishes on sunday at 18:00.

each artist has only 45 minutes available to set up, perform, take down and clean for the next performance. harsh conditions that didn't seem to put off the almost 100 artists coming from all over the world to be part of it!

So here it is:

- MPA open: THE 48 hour-long performance art marathon

- three locations: ACUD Theatre (black cube), Serendipity Gallery (white box) and a courtyard (all at Veteranenstrasse 21)

- 3 euro donation at the door (you can see as many performances as you want throughout the whole 48 hours, come and go when you like, bring your parents, neighbours and Berghain friends)

- 55 performances

- almost 100 artists

- two Italian friends, turned cooks, coming directly from London to feed them all

- 35 volunteers and 1 brave volunteer coordinator

- 1 expert book seller

- 10 photographers/videographers documenting as many performances as they can endure

- maybe a possible Surrealist Taxi ride

7 crazy MPA-B team members about YOU?