BERLIN · A MAZE. + PLATOON are hosting the kickoff countdown to next years Indie Connect 2012 with 'Prelude to A MAZE. Indie Connect: Indie Gaming Showcase' with presentations, workshops, showcasing and an exhibition on the 28th and 29th october at PLATOON Berlin.

it is an opportunity for those involved in the world of indie game developers, artists and hackers to showcase their work and listen to the presentations of others in the field about contemporary and relevant issues going on in the gaming and art world.

Fri Oct 28, 2011 - Lecture day

18:30:00 Doors open
19:00:00 Thorsten S. Wiedemann
- Opening and Moderation
19:30:00 Marek Plichta, Mattias Ljungström
- Creating Art and Game Mechanics Together.
19:50:00 Anjin Anhut
- Just Do it - Overview Programming Software.
20:10:00 Peter Kirn
- Music as Interface, Game as Album.
20:30:00 Norbert Haacks
- Newtracks. Making Music Games.
20:50:00 Iwan Gabovitch, Christiaan Janssen
- Game Jams for Indies.
21:30:00 Hanno Hinkelbein, Christian Münch
- GameStorm - Let's make Games!
21:50:00 Christiane Hütter
- We are Breeding!
22:00:00 Music

read about the speakers with a more detailed bio here!

Sat Oct 29, 2011 - Workshop day

14:00:00 Workshop I with GameStorm
- Classic Game Design: Board Games
17:00:00 Presentation of Workshop I

18:00:00 Presentation by Heather Kelley
- superHYPERCUBE: Kinect + Stereoscopy

18:15:00 Talk by Heather Kelley / Peter Kirn

- Kinect Gaming Scene & Getting Started

18:45:00 Food & Drink Break
19:15:00 Workshop II with Peter Kirn
-Interactive Music and Sound with Pd

20:30:00 Workshop III with Thorsten S. Wiedemann
- Brainstroming A MAZE. Indie Connect 2012
22:00:00 Music

Fri Oct 28 & Sat Oct 29 - Exhibition of Games

Phone Story- Banned Iphone Game by Molleindustria
Swarm- by Volando
Niji the Rainbow Fish- by Binary Madness
Interceptor- by Martin Rau, Martin Jaekel, Sergej Kern, Sebastian Drees

Spectaculum- by Homunculus Game Collectiv

SuperHyperCube- by Kokorami & Polytron
Nikki and the Robots- by Joyride Laboratories
Child of Eden- by Tetsuya Mizuguchi

TICKET INFOMRATION: please email to reserve a spot, especially for the workshop day.

presentation evening pass (friday): free

workshop day pass (saturday): 5€ - this includes cheap food and drinks!

address: Alte Schönhauser Straße 3 (map)

check out the facebook event here, and see you there!!

read a Q&A with Thorsten #5817 about the upcoming event here.

this event is organized by PLATOON in collaboration with A MAZE. and sponsored by Ludic Philosophy and 2BOP.

see the event at DE BUG Magazine.