BERLIN · come along to BOX 32 to support International Street Artist, ADNATE in his first solo show in Europe.

highly regarded in home town, Melbourne Australia, ADNATE was originally known for his early graffiti writing. since perfecting his can control he has evolved into painting realistic portraits using spray as his un-conventional medium.

once focussed on exhibiting, ADNATE completed two successful solo shows in Australia where he pushed the boundaries of Urban art. his works on canvas drew inspiration from both political and cultural themes.

currently he is working on bridging the gap between street and fine art by applying both techniques and mediums.

All of the original works in 'Point of View' have been inspired by and produced in Berlin. We are also exhibiting prints of ADNATE's International street art tour.

Word from the Artist:
“I’ve seen a lot of different faces in my travels of the past 6 months. From the eyes of kids that have lived the lives of adults in India, to people losing there faces in clubs in Berlin. ‘Point of View’ seemed like the perfect title for my show, as all of the faces in the show are my interpretations of people I’ve recently seen and met.”

Supported by: Veltins & Ironside

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