BERLIN · Baruch Gottlieb #5746 and Francesca Romana Ciardi #3292 are looking for 100 people interested in becoming a part of a unique site-specific and monumental performance, manifesting the living history of industrial architecture. set in the unusual and suggestive setting of exRotaprint, a former printer factory in Wedding, the Biographical Chronicle of Industrial Production retraces the stories of the people who produced the world we live in today. 

using a model of the construction of the ExRotaprint factory, participants will re-present the workers originally involved in the construction of the building over 60 years ago by appearing 'on stage' for a time proportional to the the historical person they are representing. this time 'on stage' will generally be quite short, on the average 5 seconds at a time... the rest of the participants, when not on stage or getting ready to go on stage, will produce background sounds 'back stage' for the performance. the sounds will consist of physical sounds like shuffling feet and vocal sounds like whispering, murmuring and humming. 

the performance as a part of Month of Performance Art Berlin will take place on the outdoor grounds of ExRotaprint in Wedding at 3pm and will finish at approximately 3:30pm. participants are requested to arrive on location two hours before the showing, at 1pm, for a run through. no previous performance experience necessary but a genuine desire to be part of a unique project that daringly traces the collective histories and memories of people and their labour. 

if you want to be part of Biographical Chronicle of Industrial Production please follow this link and fill out the online form.

please feel free to pass on this call for participation to your family and friends. we are looking for people of all ages, gender and ethnicity.

this project is non-funded. every participant will receive a commemorative Biographical Chronicle of Industrial Production ballpoint pen. snacks and beverages will be available.

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