BERLIN · Gerriet Schultz #3202 , is one of the initiator of a new cultural project supported by the Goethe Institut.

BORDER MOVEMENT is a platform that aims to encourage interaction between the electronic music scenes in South Asia and Germany.

Based in Berlin, they hope to raise awareness by providing content and discourse on artists, labels, trends, developments, clubs, festivals, house parties, free parties, jam sessions, happenings, exhibitions, installations, screenings,concerts, demonstrations / protests, releases, projects, players, promotors, creators, movers, shakers and innovators in both regions.

the aim is to encourage dialogue between the scenes and to bring South Asian artists closer to German audiences and vice versa.

Border Movement sees itself as a cultural catalyst generating content by engaging both established and grassroots authors, bloggers, artists and players from both scenes.

come to the Launch Party on the 13th of july at 23:00 Kater Holzig!

(Bpitch Control/ Berlin)
SICK GIRLS (Revolution No.5/ Berlin)
HANNES TEICHMANN (Festplatten/ Berlin)
MOTHER PERERA (Jahcoozi/ Berlin)

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