BERLIN · Nezaket Ekiciand & Kurt Johannessenare are questioning their environments and the crossing of different kinds of cultural, existential or social information. How do they as artists provide a new existence to this information?

You are cordially invited to the 6th edition of CO-LAB - performance art program on friday, december 16th, 7:30pm at Savvy Contemporary.

Their works are based on trajectories and patterns. Kurt Johannessen is more focused on random movements, minimal and natural materials or actions, while Nezaket Ekici uses contextual and conceptual specificities, crossing behaviours and forms of relations between cultures.

Nezaket Ekici’sworks are in reference to the crossroads between cultures, whereby social, political and cultural experiences are translated and/or transcribed into videos, installations and especially to live performance. The artist is interested in individual borders and possibilities of connection and transgression, having her own body as mediator and centre of experience of such topics. Time, movement, space, materials and action also play a role within her working practice.

Kurt Johannessen’sworks draw allegiance to and create peculiar relations with nature, sports, religion and astrology. One topic leads to another. One experience leads to poetry, that later reveals another topic, thereby adding important, existential information to his artistic practice.The usage of minimalist elements allows special symmetries to develop around his work, creating minimal actions that physically and conceptually fill and fulfil the audience space.

3 euros entrance

Curated by Márcio Carvalho.