BERLIN · RECYCLED CREATIVITY presents COMMUNITY DAY: community day rises discussion about waste and search for answers to the questions, how we can transform our evnironment into a human and nature friendly place to be in. Welcome to join the COMMUNITY DAY!

17:00-19:00 -upcycling workshop with Jay Cousins

19:00 - 19:30 - launching the book UPCYCLE IT! A TOOLKIT FOR CREATIVE RECYCLING - presentation by Julia Vernersson and Judith Meijers

19:30 - 22:00 -conceptual upcycling-dinner/ discussion "Treasure or Trash? - reframing our perception of waste" Host - Jay Cousins.

tasty vo:ku and DJ Anthony Baggette for the pleasur of Your soul and body!

You are invited to come to the dinner with ingredients, or your favourite upcycling objects .. or maybe objects, that rise questions about upcycling! see the even on facebook!