BERLIN · two established urban artists, Danny Doom vs. Flamat, will be the highlight of the latest exhibition at NEONCHOCOLATE. On FEB 4, Danny Doom makes a stop in at the little Gallery and shows his latest work, together with Flamat.

Danny Doom's current series "it is always doomsday" (Every day is the Day of Judgment) is dealing with encrypted messages and the perception of current affairs in public.In addition, Danny Doom moment with his "Living Room Tour" (living room tour) road works, and so in the places where his work will find a home to share with different people and types of views on current affairs.

And about Flamat: "Cool, fresh, sometimes a bit of Pantone, often marsupial Bildschirmfixierer, The-Sky-Is-The-Limit advocate, member of the Super Friends ... ninja rabbits, the superhero sausage and the fox his world - on paperscreen and the even bigger walls out there ... lived and worked for a long time as an artist and freelance illustrator in Leipzig - then: Bring on the good life"!

The exhibition runs from FEB 4 - FEB 9 at NEONCHOCOLATE Gallery.

Lychener Straße 23