BERLIN · LEAP (Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance) is beginning 2012 with a monthly presentation and lecture series, featuring primarily Berlin based video artists!

from more about the project, LEAP states:

'The artists themselves will not be showing their own work, but curate a two-part programme featuring on the one hand a genealogy of their artistic work, and secondly by presenting the works of young contemporary artists, thereby offering a discursive way into their oeuvre.

This method of deconstruction allows the audience to reinterpret the work of the artist by opening a discourse into the various elements which make up their work and influence.

The deconstruction serves as a new beginning and basic framework for the uncovering of developments and directions in their work, without showing the actual work of the artist.

In addition, non-established artists are given the opportunity to show their work through the curation of the presenting artist.

The new exhibition series “Deconstructing …” will run initially for a period of one year offering an insight into the presenting artists work through their influences and the curated works

The content of the 12 exhibitions, the artists and their curatorial work will be later published as a comprehensive archive.

The series opens with “Deconstructing REYNOLD REYNOLDS” on
19th January 2012.'