BERLIN · experience a special screening of one of the classics of german film history: der blaue engel with Marlene Dietrich.

Josef von Sternberg's Weimar film, der blaue engel (the blue angel) is regarded as one of the most important german films. released in 1930, it launched Dietrich's career, propelling her into worldwide stardom.

experience this masterpiece as it was meant to be seen, in the decadent surroundings of a historical landmark of the former filmstadt weißensee, where Dietrich herself once stood.

prepare yourself to experience a tragic and erotic tale of obsession and moral decline, and after the screening soak in the debauchery with a glass of absinth!

doors open at 19:00

screening starts at 20:30

tickets are 12 euros

so hop to it and make your reservations!