BERLIN · for one night at DUVE Berlin Steff Loewenbaum presents "Discord from Duality" - a six hour all encompassing exhibition.

focusing on the duality of reality and self-fulfilling prophecy and the universal connection between the two, Loewenbaum experiments with light and its interaction with space. The direct correlation between the abstraction of prophecy and the concreteness of reality is an example of universal harmony. The Moment lies between the premonition of a prophetic inclination and the finality and tangibility of the past, in his work,Loewenbaumexplores this entire relationship. The theoretical beginning, middle, end of this spectrum is realized in the brevity and completeness of the six hour show. (- text by Max Schreier)

The 6-hour long artistic BANG encompasses Opening, Midissage/Party with DJ Headliner Robi Insinna//Headmanand in one last blow of exhaustion a Finissage at around 1am. "Discord from Duality" will also the final exhibition before DUVE's big move to Alexandrinenstraße. So, for old time sakes, see you there.


4. August 2012 -> 6pm


4. August 2012 -> 10pm-1am

Headliner DJ: Robi Insinna//Headman


4.August 2012 -> 1-2am

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