BERLIN · the emerging team with offices in Berlin, Los Angeles and Beijing creates architectural hybrids which take up current cultures of taste and debates on method and reflect on political as well as aesthetic issues. what appears to be contradictory is reassembled in new and surprising ways.

to graft is a way of rethinking the seemingly irreconcilable. On this basis, Lars Krückeberg #2844, Wolfram Putz #2545, Thomas Willemeit #2513, Gregor Hoheisel #3024 and Christoph Körner, have developed complex fusion methods and reinvigorated the contemporary discourse of design and architecture under the label GRAFT architects for over 13 years.

GRAFT and PLATOON have teamed of a number of times as partners in architecture and design. both the PLATOON headquarters in Berlin and PLATOON KUNSTHALLE is Seoul are a result of the architecutual partnership.

in the winter of 2011/2012 GRAFT will transform the exhibition space on the Waldsee into a scenery for the 21st century. during the exhibition visitors can immerse themselves in the visionary worlds day and night and glean first-hand experience from their installations, pieces of furniture, objects and models of GRAFT's take on current issues in architecture.

the exhibition runs from 23rd of November until the 2nd of December at Haus am Waldsee in Zehlendorf (map). hours are Tuesday - Sunday, 11am to 6pm and closed on Mondays. admission is € 7 / reduced € 5