BERLIN · "as far as consistency of thought goes I prefer inconsistency."John Cage interview by John Corbett (1989)

hypothetic theories based on a cosmological constant form advance that a constant energy is filling the space and as a role of vacuum but the predicational measurements of this matter is not coinciding with the quantum theory that we know today.

it’s the paradoxical state of unsubstantial materiality that interests us: the empty space is actually not empty and possesses it’s own energy, where quantum particles are in constant movement forming and disappearing.

relation to the silence is an other way to explore this emptiness, composers as Murray Schaefer spoke about white noise (all audible frequencies at the same time) and black noise (silence). that’s through the succession, superposition and intermingling of all that vacuum that we’ll describe a story of the empty.

exhibition & experimental concert curated byKunst(shot)

7 pm Art parasites BBQ (facebook event)

7 pm Empty space opening

8-10 pm experimental Concert

Valentina Pini, Olve Sande, John Newton, Kasper Vang, Yves Scherer, Gert Jan Akerboom, Clemence de La Tour du Pin.

experimental sound
Benjamin Laurent Aman, Daniela Huerta, Vadim Sbovoda.

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