BERLIN · the Human Rights Makerlab will take place from 6-10th of June during the DMY. the project was facilitated by Jay Cousins #5404 and Pedro Pineda #5377 using the MakerLab Process. and another PLATOON member Danny Doom #5860 helped with the website

it aims to bring together diverse interest groups to explore the topic of Human Rights through actions, conversations and presentations. their objective is to broaden awareness of the topic, and create opportunities for sharing technology to assist people in enabling their Human Rights – everything from shared language and symbolism, to functional easy to build tools.

so far they have around 40 different contributors (this number grows daily), who will collaborate to co create the event. engagements vary from social provocations – to tools for social empowerment – “a symbol for human rights“, strategic approaches to non violent resistance, open source servers, wind energy production. these will take the form of presentations, workshops and creative actions. they do not curate the event, as this would limit the dialogue and engagement – working against the freedoms we wish to promote.

instead they invite YOU to participate in the conversation through action and engagement. a list of actions presently scheduled is evolving here. if you would like to get involved then feel free to add your own action, or email them.

for spontaneous actions and participation you can also join them in the space, the following times we will be sharing our intentions, other times just show up, find out what’s happening and join in.

wednesday 20:00 Human Rights MakerLab Launch
thursday 10:00 Breakfast and sharing days events
friday 10:00 Breakfast and sharing days events
saturday 10:00 Breakfast and sharing days events
sunday 12:00 Celebration Brunch – sharing outcomes of the Human Rights MakerLab

other ways you can get involved:

participate – show up and participate in an action taking place
promote – share the lab #HRmakerlab #humanrights
contribute to a crowdsourced declaration of Human Rights 
download the Symbol, replicate share and appropriate in the name of Human rights.
document – come and document the event to contribute to the shared knowledge outputs of the event, share your outputs through, and through social media channels – facebook groupflickr pool, or even contribute to our daily magazine/book in progress.

the Human Rights MakerLab is a collaboration between DMY, InterInstitute in Berlin,, Open Design City and numerous content partners.