BERLIN · whether it's the free-spirited '60s or wild '70s, every time period and its respective cool crowd just seem so much better than what we're part of. 

but before we pooh-pooh our generation for being the indecisive, technology-addicted couch potato that it is, let's remember that life back then wasn't all free love, disco balls, and music legends—they also had racism, political turbulence, and economic disasters to spare. 

after all, our era has its own legends to look up to. even 82-year-old ones.

this friday, the legendary german-american granddaddy of multimedia performance art, Bob Rutman #6296, will take to cookies' drayton bar for the continuation of his experimental music series "farmyard noize." 

the ritualistic-electronic sound experience is created not only by the notorious steel bow chime rutman is so famous for, but also dj components and vocal interludes by a full supporting band that includes spleen's Nico Lippolis.