BERLIN · in celebration of international women's day, the independent women's collective FemmeFraKtale is throwing an all day event to offer a creative response to the issue of complexity and identity.

complexity meant as a complex system that gives shape to your individual identity that is consequently part of a multiplicity of identities.

their vision is to create Femme as a (re)generator of a pattern based on self similarity although keeping its own distinctiveness.

this all day event is going to make their vision a reality.

at 3pm there will be a workshop, led by Alessandra Leone aka Aikia based on the interaction between video mapping and dance improvisation.

at 9pm Ellinor Ljungkvist #5864 will have a performance that begs the question of our awareness of the images we produce and examines how conscious are we of the individual experience each one of us has from what is performed?

at 11pm Ewelina Aleksandrowicz aka Tikul #6020 will be playing sick beats she made from cat sounds from the interwebs!

this is definitely an event you do not want to miss!