BERLIN · are there intelligent life forms outside the academy? how many drawings for one night accommodation at the Bowery? and who on earth if professor Johnny Gichtfinger anyway? the berlin-based painter Maria Giménez asks the right questions - and with her feet in the air and her head on the ground, she does the trick and spins it.

Maria Giménez does not adhere to conventions. she does not care about ideology streams amongst her peers. she paints.

her figures balance somewhere between classical and timelessly abstract - somnambulant, they hover from a romantic café in the 20s straight to nowadays Pauly-Saal, berlin mitte.

with a background Mc Sunday swirl of coming from bonn and then living in NY amongst artists and junkies at the Bowery, she pulls paintings out of her fingers, that contain both dark beauty and light cruelty, no-nonsense sexuality and fairy-floss light-heartedness.

on friday will be her latest solo exhibition at V20 On The Park - yet another exhibition space run by AJLart, at Veteranenstr. 20.

the opening will be on Friday 17th, from 6-10pm.

the exhibition will run from the 18th.august - 8th. of september, fridays and saturdays 2-6pm. (and by appointment)

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