BERLIN · VAGE presents the first edition of our monthly pop-up gallery featuring emerging and established local and international artists. the exhibitions take place on the second thursday of every month.


contemporary adaptations by:

Dead Wait, Plotbot, ALANIZ, Talissa Mehringer, ELFRIEDES, Sonia, DEVI (Style wars 2), RallitoX and MOHAK.


the artists were asked to research and be inspired by a piece of ancient graffiti. using modern day materials and referencing current issues, each artist has created a piece that reflects the historic image they have selected.


Graffiti is recorded to date back as far as 40,000 years. without the carvings from pre-existing cultures, contemporary research would have a limited understanding of the average man in ancient civilizations. a bias of wealth and power. the average man in the contemporary world bids for a voice within society using the modern materials and tools that are available to them. GRAFFITO explores these current approaches.

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