BERLIN · The family we all know is here for Christmas: Gomez Alonzo Addams Lupold (the father), Morticia Addams (the mother), Pugsley and Wednesday (the children), uncle Fester and Granny (uncle and grandmother), Boris (the butler), and Thing (the hand).

Sebastian Klink directs the cartoon classic for a one-off double bill. Christmas music and loud rock and roll, retreats, silent horror and nonsense on the stairs - not to mention the silly chant from the whole family: "Happy Birthday, dear Jesus" - it's 45 minutes of simple entertainement, not more.

Come see it at the Volksbühne on 17 & 18 DEC starting at 18:00. Free entrance!

By Margarita Breitkreiz, Frank Büttner, Andreas Frakowiak, Irina Kastrinidis, Christoph Letkowski, Mandy Rudski, Mex Schlüpfer and Axel Wandtke. Text version of Thomas Martin.

With the support of the pre-Christmas Wilhelm Heyne Verlag.