BERLIN · Jamie Diamond challenges the role of the mother in her upcoming exhibition I PROMISE TO BE A GOOD MOTHER at contemporary art by appointment. is she an obsessively protective mother? is she about to kill a new-born? is it a new-born at all? in this series which Diamond has been working on for over 5 years, she confronts the viewers with a cruel mixture of humour and horror. (Diamond has been featured by phaidon magazine NY and Dummy magazine.

in the words of the curator Karline Moeller: Diamond’s photographs in this series – where she is both subject and observer – become the sly ephemera and sturdy testament to her performance. in similar fashion to Cindy Sherman’s role-playing, Diamond’s uncanny portrayal of the mother proves entirely believable, capturing candid mother/child moments that inhabit on one side the unrivaled intimate bond between the two parties and on the other side exposing the vulnerability of motherhood. each image exhibited requires the viewer to interpret the situation: there is both a lighthearted, as well as, a foreboding sensation.

in one image that beautifully recalls the work of Hiroshi Sugimoto, Diamond appears on a dock in front of a massive, looming body of water. Is the mother simply posing for a portrait or is something more threatening about to occur? this duality persists and one is left to decipher the tone on one’s own accord.

contemporary art by appointment is the latest art space by AJLart (Anna Jill Lüpertz and Sophie Weiser) in cooperation with Level Five (Kay Pieper).

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PARTY (by invitation only) 

live act elle p. // DJ Lovis on the decks

at contemporary art by appointment (Rudi Dutschke Str. 26 (5th. floor) from 9pm-1am.

is the art frenzy eating you alive? go and get loose! or pink for that matter. keep an eye out for those pink invitation cards floating around berlin mitte. they'll open the door to the contemporary art by appointment party in honour of the artist Jamie Diamond on friday the 27th. there will be art on the walls from Diamonds series "I PROMISE TO BE A GOOD MOTHER", there will be a live performance by elle p. DJ Lovis will be on the decks, there will be drinks and ice cream and all of it for free. if you get hold of the pink willy wonka party equivalents prepare for a artsy vodka-drenched dance swirl.