BERLIN · on May 26th, as a part of the Month of Performance Art, two pieces will be shown: the award winning “Skype Duet” and the German premiere of “Us the Audience and Them”.

“Skype Duet” by Brina Stinehelfer / Per Aspera Productions returns to Berlin after completing its third international tour. performed live simultaneously in New York and Berlin via Skype, this piece provides the audience with the opportunity to personally connect with New York City and it's people (and vice verse).

the new piece from Austrian artists Lederhaas / Kapuy, “Us, the Audience, and Them” focuses on the relationship between the audience and the performers on location versus their relations on the world wide web, challenging the performers to the brink of not-being-seen-anymore.

both pieces are interactive and use internet technology to explore changing notions of human connection.

the ticket price includes both shows, and afterparty with DJ and artist meet-and-greet. Both shows will be performed in English.

tickets: 8€ / 10€ | reservation: