BERLIN · 500 films, 50 programmes, 6 competitions, international guests and festivals, close-ups and wide-angle views, ShortFriday, project presentations, concerts, parties ...

the opening of the 27th International Short Film Festival Berlin will be held at the Volksbühne.

enjoy a spectacular kick-off to five fabulous festival days iIn the presence of prominent people and filmmakers from all over the world, interfilm will present a teasing selection of films from some of their 50 festival programmes as well as highlight the cinematic focuses of the week. tickets for friday night: €8.

during the next few weeks, various locations will be screening various short films. see the full schedule of times and dates here! check out the catalogue for a description about each film that will be featured.

see current updates of the facebook event page, and like the facebook page to keep in touch with Internfilm.