BERLIN · Letters from Aleppo a show by Berlin-based urban art photographer Just, is curated by Guillaume Valentin of the open walls gallery

the first part of the exhibition will introduce the viewer to Just’s images taken in Berlin and various places such as Hamburg, the Ruhr-Area, Poland, NYC, Tel-Aviv, and Bangkok.

Just’s photographic work is a journey. he studied photography in Scotland where he also worked as a picture framer while taking photos of the punk- and squatter scenes that he was part of. one scene led to another, and just then went on to focus on the graffiti and street art cultures. 

american photojournalist, Martha Cooper said: "Just’s breathtaking photos are dramatic documents of daring graffiti artists in action. through them you can vicariously experience the danger and thrills of rooftop writing."

his photos are detailing finished works as well as practice and getting into the intimacy of a certain scene is part of Just’s unique art process. the streets he had documented then, led him to the ones of aleppo. in the same way that he was close to the street artists whose work and practice he was capturing, he joined the lives of the people he met in the streets of the syrian city. 

entry is only 3 euros so be sure to see the exhibition while you can!