BERLIN · APPARAT finished his new album <<krieg und frieden>> and is doing something a little different to promote it.

instead of the cookie-cutter promo route littered with trite interviews that only further delay the album début with stale anticipation, APPARAT is streamlining the process by promising to not do a single interview. he wants his album to be available as soon as possible by depending on his fans to get the word out.

in an industry that has struggled to catch up with the times, APPARAT's minimalist approach on an overworked and exhausted formula is incredibly refreshing.

not to mention, it's working. in less than 24 hours, there have been over 1,700 facebook shares and nearly 60,000 plays on soundcloud. talk about a loyal fan base!

krieg und frieden will be out on mute february 15 but till then we'll be replaying the soundcloud preview over and over and over again.