BERLIN · from june 28 - july 1 Kulturpark also with help of PLATOON members Tank Thunderbird #5940, Francesca Romana Ciardi #3292 and Jay Cousins #5404 will re-open an abandoned amusement park located in the sprawling Treptow Park in Berlin.

throughout the entire month of june, Kulturpark will host a creative investigation of this jungle of recent ruins that will embrace histories, illuminate presences, and imagine cultural futures. the Kulturpark project will activate this magical site as a place for creative exchange, site-specific art, urban design, historic memory, social connection, and public imagination.

Kulturpark needs your help!

Kulturpark is raising money at fundraising platform Kickstarter. until 1st of may they must gather 25.000 usd. you can donate 5 usd or more.

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how can we imagine new futures from histories?

built along the Spree River in the Treptow Park forest, Kulturpark Plänterwald was an idyllic and unusual site for leisure built by the GDR in 1969. after the fall of the wall, the park was privatized as Spreepark, and ran until financial collapse in 2001. the surrounding Treptow District contains a complex history including the site of the 1896 Berlin Trade Exhibition, the Archenhold Observatory where Einstein first lectured on relativity, and the Soviet War Memorial with its Stalinist architectures and cold war ceremonies. today, the Plänterwald landscape inspires reflections on public memory, resistance, leisure, amusement, ceremony, commerce, and technology.

can i get involved?

in june 2012, Kulturpark is inviting students, artists, and creatives from Berlin and around the world to join us for an extraordinary experience. collaborators will build upon the unique energy of Berlin’s urban, social, cultural, and political landscapes. come park with us!

Creative Camp | june 1 - 21 | the Berlin-born and based visionary team will collaborate on site-specific works inside the park.

Kultur-Exchange | june 22 - July 1 | Kulturpark invites groups from the US and Germany for lectures, workshops, projects, and research.

Public Opening | june 28 - july 1 | join us for a public interactive opening including a 2-day conference, public exhibition, and civic exchange.

what comes after?

together with experimental architects from Berlin, researchers from Harvard, and placemakers from the Urban Art Institute, we are creating an Urban Plan for this abandoned park. we are utilizing the process of producing artistic site-specific visions, combined with ideas and memories of publics, to create a grassroots proposal for the park's future.