BERLIN · not many people know that in the passed few years Berlin has literally been invaded by Italians who flee Italy's economic and political stagnation and search a new beginning in this city. Berlin has become its' Mecca, its' dream of a better life where everything is easier, where rents are cheaper, quality of life is higher in a city that is green, sustainable, post-modern and at the same time full of history. will Berlin be able to keep up to their expectations?

this is a documentary that can make you laugh and cry. not many documentaries have this effect, because it is sometimes easier to complain and look at the wrong sides of reality than to appreciate its comical side. the film is not a social or political critic but looks at reality and finds poetry, comedy and grotesque in the everyday life of the Italians living in Berlin.

the docu-comedy is directed by Tania Masi and award-winning film-maker Alessandro Cassigoli.

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their aim is to make a film for both European TV and theatrical releases. they will also send the documentary to international film festivals.