BERLIN · presented by and mindpirates, laptops on acid is a three-day exploration in which you’ll make your own free diy tools for beats and visuals. 

Peter Kirn, berlin-based audiovisual artist and founder of the well-known online community create digital music, holds an open lab and workshop, culminating in a jam session and party, covering free and open source computer performance and open to all.

whether you’re an artist, musician, designer, dj or vj, or if you have always have had the itch to create, you can now mobilize the tools that you already have to make your own device for audiovisuals entirely from free software – no previous coding background required.

Peter will provide hands-on instruction on how to develop your skills in producing electronic music and visual concepts by creating your own custom tools for making beats, noises, and live visuals in pure data and processing. 

bring a laptop or netbook running os x, windows, or linux and you can transform it into a synth, drum machine, noisemaker, visualizer or vj tool!

check out the facebook event for more details and don't forget to get your tickets