BERLIN · the line-up of the 16th issue of Leisure system with Michail Stangl #5993 don't needs to hide behind some ambitious festivals: adventure, danger and beauty - all in one night. the three-member British band Factory Floor, for example, is currently one of the most exciting acts on DFA. their music, described the NME very aptly as "post-industrial, but it moves beyond that. this is post-apocalyptic, the soundtrack of an underworld-disco." where else than at Berghain, their sound could be better off?

a world premiere will be the live act of Kuedo, which cooperated with the visual artist collective MFO. the live fun rounds of Monkeytown act Lazer Sword with his bass-heavy post-everything dancefloor music, and the DJs have properly pepper in pants: the Hacker and his Neo-Rave Hoover bass sound and of course the leisure system residents. at the same time in the Panorama Bar: Classic House, UK Bass, Techno Romantic - a musical journey with the coordinates of New York, London, Berlin. Krass.