BERLIN · self-knowledge, as a daily exercise, is the beginning, the basis of every sensible thinking about the world.

"gnothi seautón" - "know yourself" comes from the ancient world.

the self-portrait of an artist is such a confrontation with himself, and of his own transience. the artist Danielle de Picciotto has asked 18 artists to confront this forgotten art form and create self portraits.

artists presented will be:

Katy Beale, Melbourne

Paula Bogati, Berlin

Françoise Cactus, Berlin

Breeda CC, Berlin

Kiddy Citny, Berlin

Danielle de Picciotto, Berlin

Thomas Draschan, Berlin

Wee Flowers, Berlin

Andrew Greif, Berlin

Karen Kolterman, Berlin

Anita Lane, Melbourne

Heiko Müller, Hamburg

Cornelius Perino, Berlin

Patrick Pilsl, Berlin

Betty Stürmer, Berlin

Keven E Taylor, South Carolina

Kai Teichert, Berlin

Deborah Wargon, Berlin

Tina Winkhaus, Berlin

with special musical self portrait by

Alexander Hacke

if you can't make it to the opening, no worries! the exhibition will go on till the 29th of march!