BERLIN · next wednesday marks the beginning of yet another round of art extravaganza. it is the beginning of the ABC, the ArtBerlinContemporary this year, berlin's biggest art fair. in order to ease your way into the artistic overkill you'll be presented with on every street corner, we recommend to start at U37-Raum für Kunst with a cold beer and the opening of MOIRÉ by Christian Schwarzwald.

in the words of Gunnar Lützow (translated from german): it's back, the propensity to the gesamtkunstwerk: berlin artist Christian Schwarzwald , born in 1971 in salzburg, is simply not satisfied with the neat presentation of those proverbial "small, manageable, salable" objects, recommended by commercial galleries. instead of placing his drawings and gouaches at eye level in a straight line on the cold walls of a white cube, he integrates the material base of the exhibition in his works. with specially constructed surfaces of wooden slats, wallpapers and murals, he creates complex installations, the effect of which overpowers the sum of the individual parts.

deprived for a moment of securing physical boundaries between art and non-art objects, the viewer is lost in the mass of portraits, abstractions, sketches and reproductions - only to recognize amazed, that it is Schwarzwald's work itself which accurately shows where he is located: right here, in the present moment that is drowned by a flood of images and believes that there is no need for grand narrative but rather attests its relevance through snapshots, click rates and messages of 140 characters length.

"Moiré", his current exhibition at U37 - Raum für Kunst, derives its title from a similar enigmatic phenomenon: the interference that occurs when through the superimposing of two fine grids a third, coarser one emerges. within this phenomenon, possible tasks and methods of contemporary art production can be found - critically backlighting the habitual, by means of minimal interventions, addressing the dubiousness of traditional concepts again and again and presenting the everyday view with hidden macro-structures.

the exhibition runs from the 7th of september until the 15th of october. we'll see you there!

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