Frederik Schulz (1983), a photographer with a passion for panoramic pictures, or more precisely 360 degrees shots presents his work at STATTBAD WEDDING on JAN 14, 20:00.

Through the panoramic technology he shows unusual perspectives that look surreal but portrays the real. Often his photos portray urban city life and architecture, and somehow these motives seems to match his surrealistic perspectives very well. His photographs reflects his love for extreme perspectives, colors, paintings and details.

Through enhancing, promoting or minimizing the information in his photos, the reality becomes interpreted and looses the objective impression of photography.

The motivation for his photography is the interest of showing the reality in a surreal light and adding another perspective. Panoramic views, big contrasts and a dreamy touch of colors all adds to the impression of looking at something surreal that somehow reminds us of the reality but is not. To show the reality in a fictive view.

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