BERLIN · submit your artist’s work for the Networked City 2013. In 2013 the connecting cities network will discuss the question of how urban media facades can become a catalyst for shared encounters in an identity-building temporary field of interaction across the borders of time and distance. the curators of the connecting cities network will select 9 artist projects for the ‘networked city 2013’. these projects will be presented on the urban media facades of the participating cities and open live windows to the cities. the main challenge of networked city will be to identify contents with relevance on an international level and to develop technology standards by comparing the different local and national circumstances and production conditions.

- application deadline: november 2nd, 2012
- curators selection deadline: november 17, 2012
- artist work production will finish by april, 2013
- artist’s work will be shown within live events between May and November 2013.


for more information visit: