BERLIN · the artist behind our SHOWCASE REBOOT VOL. 4 "sentimental wood", Maru Carranza #5837 is having an exhibition today in kreuzberg!

this express exhibition, which we will enjoy for a single day, is the perfect event to discover the multiple faces of berlin and come to know that here it is possible to prepare an exhibition in less than 24 hours. 

that is the berlin that surprises us and brings closer the art that depicts it best.

it’s organized by the artist rubén gonzález escudero with the participation of sergio frutos, marula di como, elena garcía jiménez, paz lópez urzáiz, maru carranza, paco vallejo, munan øvrelid, marina escorial, frank leapman and randi nygård.

the space is ideal though ephemeral because in a matter of days it will become a must-see location, its name will be faro and will be one of the reference premises in kreuzberg. 

you will find out why.