BERLIN · Pictoplasma takes a unique focus on contemporary character design to illustration, art, design and animation. it has become synonymous with the phenomenon of character design. each year an international audience comes to the pictoplasma festival in berlin, with the film programs, artist talks, workshops, exhibitions and performances, numerous character walk exhibitions, VJ battles and of course, loads of characters!

the berlin-based pictoplasma festival 2012 will exhibit the latest trends in the areas of character and graphic design, illustration and fashion, animation, motion graphics and CGI, painting, sculpture where urban arts are under the guiding principle of 'post-digital monsters'.

works by artists who have grown with the digital culture, but now spread to some extent deliberately to so called 'slow' media. in the euphoria over the possibility of global communications and fast digital processing, currently the ostentatious work follows with analog media: bronze, wool, wood, glass, porcelain or felt.

unique mix of screenings, personal artist presentations, numerous exhibitions delivers tons of inspiring input, while the lively exchange between the various disciplines highlightes the importance of contemporary characters in today’s global visual understanding.

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