BERLIN · the question of valuing culture and art is much more profound than the current discourse about certain organizations, mechanisms and solutions, how to distribute the profit. it leads us back to the essential question of valuation and appreciation of cultural goods. the technical possibilities pose and even intensify our everyday dilemma of buying or stealing music, images, artworks and ideas.

at PLATOON Culture Talk Alexandra Droener will host a debate with artists and experts.

Andi Teichmann · DJ, musician and cultural activist

Luis Berrios-Negron
 · artist and architect. founder of The Anxious Prop and researcher at TU-Braunschweig.

Manuel Bonik
 · counter-infringement specialist (Springer SBM, Warentest)

Robert Levine · former executive editor of Billboard, journalist and author of the book Free Ride.

Till Jaeger
· certified copyright and media law attorney at JBB Rechtsanwälte

the talk will be in english.

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