BERLIN · from its headquarters in Berlin, ART+COM is setting the international standard of excellence in the development of projects at the intersection of art, media, design, and technology. after the studio has spent over 20 years defining the forefront of spatial media communication, Gestalten is now publishing the first comprehensive monograph of ART+COM’s work.

to celebrate the launch of the German and English editions of ART+COM: Media Spaces and Installations, we are proud to host a talk (in German) by chairman and head of design Joachim Sauter on Monday, September 12 at 7 pm at our Gestalten Space. Sauter will personally present key projects from the studio’s four development phases outlined in the book and explore the history and future of new media from this leading interdisciplinary studio’s perspective.

12.09.2011 — 19:00 – 21:00

this event will be held in the German language.

→ check out the ART+COM book (English edition)

→ check out the ART+COM book (German edition)

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