BERLIN · this evening filled with interactive videos will have three parts and feature our PLATOON member Alessandra Leone #5936.

the first part of the show is by synchrony "kinect hand track", a project that translates 3d hand positions data into a visual created in real time.

Greta Macrì uses a kinect camera to read the hand´s position and movements, and processing to interpretate the amount of datas, creating the tracking and the visuals.

the public will be an interactive part of her installation.

the second project is by _airone_ entitled "inside a mandelbrot" and it's so top secret, you have to attend to find out what it is!

the third is open*cluster's "riding electromagnetic currents, whirling the void". open*cluster is a project by aiKia (Alessandra Leone) and Lain, featuring NekroBot dj set for the occasion

as open cluster describes "the formation of an open cluster begins with the collapse of part of a giant molecular cloud. open*cluster is the fundamental building block of two merging entities.

open*cluster shapes and destroys the light beam and leaves its imprint in the morphological and kinematic structure of its surrounding.

open*cluster is an unstable chemical/visual/auditive reaction. Its thermodynamic equilibrium will persist indefinitely unless the system is changed."


and beer!

...and cake!

check out the facebook event for more info!