BERLIN · are you a Ruby On Rails Developer / Programmer or you know someone? join now!

What is Time Capsule

TimeCapsule is an online platform that transforms our offline world

into a virtual stage. It connects the digital world with the real life

again. Action and atmosphere instead of out of context youtube

shizzle. A playful and exciting way to discover the world and leave a

mark on it.

What is it this Hack-Art-On

Time Capsule was programmed so far in various hackathon. We would like to make a special hackathon to finish our Web App in the most theatrical stylish way possible! We ask Hackers to join and program our code, in return we supply crazy creative environment and rewards you have not seen before in hackathon.

What have we done?

We already set up the basic structure for the application which allows user to find and open time capsules via GPS. We gathered artists around Berlin who are now creating videos that are waiting to become Time Capusles.

What is our goal?

Finish the app to test it through a two months trial in Berlin. We

would like to finish the App for the 23rd August, where we are invited to lunch at the TOA Berlin.

We will say thank you!

If you join us in the Hackathon and help setting up the Web app for a beta trial you can have your own tour with capsules in Berlin, you

could have your name on the capsules of your favorite artists or for

example accompany an artist while setting up their capsules. Imagine you could go with an street artist while he is painting and watch the making of for the capsule live. you can also chose to make your own private artist channel , or private channel - impressing someone you fancy with some romantic memories.

After you confirm your attendance we would like to ask you to specify what would be the ideal Atmosphere you would be interested in the this Theatrical Hackathon. Think Broleusque performances, Mideternean cooking, a drawing space where well make your own hacker portrait.


Our first suggestion is Betahaus 4th floor, or Yard if the weather is




Saturday 11.00-Sunday evening

Sunday evening a thank you barbecue from 19.00

CONTACT: Danny Doom #5860