with SALON REVOLUTIONÄR we start a vibrant and surprising series of monthly performance events, combining elements of modern dance, media arts, music, projection mapping and role playing games.

in the first experimental total art performing night we presenta PREMIERE of "II AiKia II" by StratoFyzika and "TSVAIKA. Revolt, money & love" by Marold Langer-Philippsen.

after the performance DJ set by El Pato will follow.

entrance: 6 eur

II AiKiA II by StratoFyzika

II AiKiA II is an interactive projection-mapping project that adds a digital dimension to the real world/space of dancing body movements, combining light projection, choreography, sound and camera tracking.

StratoFyzika is a Berlin based group of artists with a wide range of specialization. they research audio, visuals, interactive technologies and dance in an interdisciplinary way to achieve an aesthetic and sensorial experience where numbers, frequencies and bodies merge into a final equation on stage. together they form an unique constellation going across genres and borders, stretching out to find a connection between their fields.

"TSVAIKA. Revolt, money & love" by Marold Langer-Philippsen

dive into the story of Kazimir & Karolina - he has recently lost his job and thought he would in the actual times of an economic crisis loose his girlfriend as well. through the performance you are invited to become Karolina or Kazimir and deal with questions regarding love, money and revolt.

TSVAIKA is happening in semi & full public spaces like festivals, gallery openings, lectures at universities, city tours, bars, caffees, restaurants, theatres, shopping malls as well as in the street & in public transport - and now for the first time in Berlin - at PLATOON KUNSTHALLE!

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photo byDarioJ Laganà.