BERLIN · Tom Piert #6018 and Danny Doom #5860 have teamed up to initiate a project on Inkubato (founded by Konrad Lauten #5836) to raise money for Supalife, a platform that empowers artists to create and contributes to the cultural diversity in germany.

after eight years, 80 artists, 50 shows, and nearly 3,000 screen-prints, the future of Supalife is at risk. they need to raise 6,000 euro by the 23rd of january in order to maintain their space for interdisciplinary working artists and continue as an active cultural venue.
you can join your fellow PLATOON members by supporting Supalife. not only will you be helping artists make their mark on the world, but you can score some fabulous prizes as well!

the prizes range from a customized print from Danny Gretscher all the way to a screen-printing workshop and even a coffee date with the founders of Supalife. if altruistic humanitarianism doesn't motivate you to donate, these prizes definitely do the trick!