BERLIN · the green glow - in his exhibition "Shabby Chic" the berlin-based artist Daniel Kannenberg is portraying modern-day design as breeding ground for a dangerously shimmering taste-apocalypse.

pretty cool. that's what they are, the insignia of the sophisticated taste in furniture, that play an essential part in the works of Daniel Kannenberg (*1971). however, they do so in a slightly alienated format, with "Hill House 1" chairs glowing at you from the canvases in extra-terrestrial shades of green, waking associations of possible bio- or chemo luminescence origin.

 or, to put it in the words of Jan Delay:" everything is poisoned."

Kannenberg's show is a lighthearted critique of Bauhaus an its self-proclaimed heirs. "in it's developed form, like with the cantilever chairs from Marcel Breuer, Bauhaus can be fascinating - but the project got disrupted. after the war, it was the aspect of cost that got emphasized on the most. it changed from "less is more" to "less is less". all of this got thrown into the mix with the development of blocks of flats for people to dwell in. this concoction shaped a form of grave for the masses."

in a wild use of mixed techniques, Kannenberg builds miniatures of Side-Chairs, Diamond Chairs, Coconut and Zigzag Chairs, spiking them with nails in an almost haitian voodoo way. the thus created sets are thrown onto canvas in glaring shades of green, where they are met by their seemingly homesick, underground alien inhabitants.

the show starts on the 7th of september (6-10pm) at Invalidenstr. 90, 10119 Berlin Mitte, and will run through till the 20th of october.

during the Berlin Art Week there will be a reception in honor of the artist (and free booze) on the 14th of september from 2-6pm.

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