BERLIN · Momentum will launch the Sky Screen, a new non-profit public video art space bringing international museum quality art to the streets and skyline of Berlin. Momemntum, in association with Uslu Airlines and St. Oberholz, invites you to Look Up. what you will see in Rosenthaler Platz every night from 22:00 – 04:00 is a world-class program of international video art.

Sky Screen will bring Berlin up to date with other leading art capitals, such as Istanbul, Tokyo and New York, which already feature contemporary video art on large public screens. traditionally shown in the darkened rooms of galleries and museums, video art is now bursting out into the public space through the acceleration of digital technologies. Momentum’s curatorial mission is to bring the best video art from around the world to the public of Berlin. the ongoing curated program changing every 4 weeks will also feature collaborations, sharing content with international video art festivals and biennales.