BERLIN · Remolino is a multidisciplinary design studio founded by Paco Savio in 2004. they are 14 partners working from Buenos Aires, New York and Berlin for clients in Argentina, United States, and Europe. Some of them: Bloomberg Link, The Bronx Museum of the Arts, World Bank, Nike, Yoo by Philippe Stark, Samsung, Sanyo, B- Guided and EME Hotel & Home Buenos Aires.Remolino creates concepts and communicate them through different medias, generating new design proposals.

their work is based on Brand strategy, Identity, Advertising, 3D movie, Motion graphics and Website development. also, they participate with installations in festivals, photo exhibitions, workshops and seminars in universities.

it's creative strenght lies in their ability to share knowledge, experience, vision and passion, bringing all that things to life in their concepts, design and production.Remolino means in spanish "Whirlpool", a powerful circular current of water.

Talk: IN THE EDGE – Sounds and sights of Buenos Aires and Berlin

7 DEC 2011, 7 pm in English

two videos projected simultaneously. Remolino shows its own particular way of looking and living in the edge of two cities: Berlin and Buenos Aires.

as a prolongation of the wallpapers’ installations project, Remolino presents “SELF-OBSERVATORY", in which walls suddenly come to life.

the installation SELF-OBSERVATORY runs from DEC 5 – 15,

tuesday – friday 10 am – 6 pm

Universität der Künste Berlin
Einsteinufer 43-53

entrance free!