BERLIN · PLATOON is hosting another bootcamp session. this time it's an event about internet currencies, crowdfunding and the future of money. this friday, three well-known speakers in the world of digital economies will come together for short talks and discussions about the different possibilities of virtual financing beginning at 15:00 in the yard.

- there will be a talk by Georg Zoche, founder of Transnational Republic, about 'CLASH OF CURRIENCIES', his new book on monetary power in contemporary society in celebration of the English translation of the book just becoming available. don't forget to check out his detailed book talk happening this week!

-also joining us will be Gabriel Shalom from KS12.NET who will explore 'the future of money' with us with another short presentation about what are young adults thinking about money and value andhow can we create new systems of wealth generation and abundance. you can see his previous work 'the future of art' here.

- lastly we will be joined by Konrad Lauten, founder of INKUBATO crowdfunding platform. INKUBATO uses the principle of positive exchange to match independent projects with anyone looking to fund them. while exploring the potentiality of the crowd he is always on the lookout for fellow combatants to get the good message out to those who want to build their crowd and to the crowd in general. Lauten was recenlty mentioned in Der Tagespiegel explaining how crowdfunding is supporting independent artists in ways that were early thought impossible

the event begins at 15:00 in the yard. send us confirmation of attendance. the event is free, but spaces are limited. email for any questions. see you there!

follow the PLATOON stream @platoon_org on twitter for live updates during the event!