BERLIN · The LongPlayer #10, run by Ryotaro Bordini Chikushi #4501, is preparing for the jubilee edition with A Guy Called Gerald!

imagine yourself back in the mid 80's in a dark club in Moss Side, Manchester, shocking out to the new sounds streaming into the record shops from the underground house scene in Chicago and Detroit. this was years before these sounds hit London (and before the Hacienda found it's popularity) and it was here where it reached the ears of A Guy Called Gerald who'd already began experimenting with these rejected Roland machines.

yes, this music is your daddy, who built your house and then all the other electronic dance music siblings.


It was A Guy Called Gerald who was responsible for releasing the 1st acid house track in the UK that lit a fire under the arse of a generation.

A Guy Called Gerald will perform the way they used to make music back in the good ol days: a pre-midi analog workshop… for the pure analog sound of Acid! True Skool.

Voodoo Ray & Blow Your House Down all the way!

Live at the Victoria Baths in Manchester, 1988

Detroit's favourite - the B-side - Blow Your House Down