BERLIN the 2012 edition of transmediale takes place in the Haus der Kulturen der Welt (map), 31 January – 5 February exploring the theme of in/compatible.

tm.12 postulates that incompatible beings drive the logic of contemporary cultural production. We understand in/compatible beings as aesthetic things and processes that do not necessarily connect on the terms we are used to.

the simultaneous monumental failure and global ubiquity of technology seems to move us beyond the polarity of utopia and dystopia into blurred environments, which give rise to a new kind of “techno-cultural uneasy”.

they constant state of disruption is totally necessary in order to enable the “open” state of the never completed system that is central to the capitalist logic of the constant integration of new areas of production.

transmediale presents renowned artists, scientists and media practitioners from all around the world. through each year’s specific theme, the participants engage with a wide international audience and examine global developments in new (and old) media, art, culture and technology.

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