BERLIN · IDOLONSTUDIO and LEAP present Urban Flashes III, featuring the works W.A.V.E. by YiLab and Refractive Index by Jamie Allen. The opening will include a live concert by sound artists CHANG Yung-Ta, YEH Ting-Hao and Jamie Allen beginning at 21.00. The concerts will be available via livestream right here!

W.A.V.E. is an installation-performance by SU Wen-Chi’s and CHANG Yung-Ta’s contemporary dance company YiLab.

Refractive Index (work in progress) by Jamie Allen launches a multi-city nighttime installation programme for large-scale public digital media displays.

Urban Flashes is a four part exhibition series curated by WANG Chun-Chi. The exhibition series explores the work of four groups of artists who make new media such as light, sound, new technology and installation.

For more info please visit and read more about the installations/performances here!

LEAP (Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance)
(Berlin Carré 1st floor)
Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 13
10178 Berlin

The exhibition runs from 11 - 18 FEB. Entry donation.

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