BERLIN · projection mapping merges architecture, illusion, and digital imagery. the result is illusions that seem to meld virtual imagery with reality. but is its growing ubiquity a sign that the whole process is just a passing fad, soon to be drained of its charm and novelty?

to take a longer view, PLATOON member PETER KIRN invites leading practitioners, journalists, and critics to examine where mapping has come from, where it's at its best, and where it might go.they will consider how projection technique can intervene in public space and urban and architectural environments. 

they'll look at its growing role in advertising and live events, in performance and art. the event will seek out a deeper historical meaning for the technique, and the technical and creative exemplars that might best represent the state of the art.

if the moving image is to escape the bounds of the flat rectangle of the cinema, we will look to not only the trend of the moment, but what the trend could be in the future.

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Peter Kirn, media artist, educator, composer/musician and technology writer.


fRED, graphic designer, visualist and part of failcollective w.Ilan Katin

Christopher Bauder, installation artist and founder of

Whitevoid Studio.

after the event Martin Backes will play some tunes!

see a small INTRODUCTION ARTICLE including an informative movie about mapping.